How to Clear Cookies in Mozilla Firefox?

Cookies A person who surfs the net are text documents on the hard drive saved. These biscuits recognize the user and spark a position of understanding the history that is surfing. Cookies prepare personalization of the internet of and browsing webpages. In this guide, we discuss the approaches to delete cookies.


How to Clear Cookies in Mozilla Firefox?

Quick deletion of cookies from tools' menu

This is a method of deleting cookies. An individual would need to pick the tools' menu. Select current background' and a check box that's next to biscuits'. From in which the deletion isn't to be carried out, boxes should not be assessed. When these measures become followed test clear' button to remove cookies or the items from the hard disk.

Cookie deletion utilizing the menu

Another Of deleting cookies Way is to acquire exactly the route for choosing tools'. In the'Tools,' alternative an individual would need to choose'Options'. Choosing the privacy' tab is just one of the actions of deleting a cookie-cutter. An individual would need to hit on the firefox Will' tab and then select's custom configurations'. An individual would need to use'Maintain Until' dropdown box to the number of hours. In deleting cookies as the part that the consumer would need to hit on'Display Cookies' and the'Remove Cookie' button.

Automated deletion

Automatic Deletion is a way of deleting cookies from a specified variety of times from the system's hard disk. For this, You Have to follow the specified process:-

  • From the address bar, an individual would type'about-config' and press enter.
  • Locating the filter area, consumer searches for"network.cookie.lifetimePolicy".
  • Until the number of times double-clicking on the entrance to some value.
  • User should then hunt for entrance"network.cookie.lifetime.days".
  • Double click on the entry to modify its value.
  • Close to the about.config window.
  • Cookie deletion from plugins

Click And several plugins out of firefox and clean Firefox add on, deletes cookies. All these are Firefox plugin which may render cookie deletions from system and user history.

Clean and click

The cookie-cutter Deletion from blank and click erases flash biscuits, all of the document history, cookies and history. From surfing the data is deleted by the plugin.


The ghostery Plugin contains blocking scripts that you can't expect, deleting items that are local obstructing iframes and images.


The Privacy plugin that is better is a plugin for eliminating flash cookies just. This is a tool for removing cookies.

No Script

Additional protections in the plugin contain open source deletion for pages and the sites to a user.

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