Avast Antivirus issues a fix for the Windows 10 Update problem

Recently we reported that Microsoft has blocked Windows 10 April 2018 upgrade on Windows PCs using Avast Antivirus. The reason for the battle between Windows 10 and Avast was not apparent but Avast has issued an update fix for this issue.

In accordance with Avast, a component of Windows 10 April 2018 is incompatible with all the Avast Behavior Shield and can be currently causing difficulties. The business rolled out an upgrade but cautions that this is not Avast issue and may impact other software.


In collaboration with Microsoft we've identified a part of this hottest Windows 10 1803 upgrade that is incompatible with all the Avast Behavior Shield, inducing the aforementioned upgrade to fail in certain cases (associated with a timing problem, Internet connectivity problem, etc). We have discovered a means and are mechanically pushing a VPS upgrade to all clients making certain that the issue doesn't occur.

For individuals with Avast, the business proposes to follow the steps below to correct the matter.

  1. Switch on the problem computer.
  2. In the blue display, select your keyboard layout's language. (e.g."US")
  3. Pick"Use another working system".
  4. Pick the second choice, "Windows 10 on quantity X" (X stands for a few )
  5. watch for the computer to boot into the desktop computer (if needed, put in your password to log in). You might need to wait for quite a very long time for the background to look, while the"upgrade" gets prepared.
  6. When the background tries to load, shut any error messages that arise.
  7. On a working Windows PC, visit www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10.
  8. From the"Create Windows 10 setup media" section, click on the "Download tool today".
  9. Run the application you downloaded, and follow the easy actions to make a Windows 10 setup USB stick. This will erase any current contents of your drive. Is to make certain that it's a 32-bit or even 64-bit edition. Your pc is probably 64-bit if it new.
  10. On the issue pc, right-click any blank area on the taskbar, then click on"Task Manager".
  11. Click"More information" so that it is possible to see the menu bar.
  12. Click"Document".
  13. Click"Run new activity".
  14. From the dialogue box that appears, check the box"Make this job with administrative privileges"/
  15. Click"Browse..."
  16. Navigate into your USB drive and then choose"setup.exe".
  17. Run the document and then follow the steps to"update" Windows. Uncheck the boxes for"check for new upgrades" and also to"make this model better". If you're asked what you would like to maintain, be certain to let it keep everything!
  18. Allow the process run, which might take a while. The computer must return to normal, and entirely up-to-date once done. You might have to.

We have not received reports of software causing problems such as Avast failed but we do expect that avast antivirus setup explains the matter and fixes it.